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International Student Life is designed to connect international students to meaningful campus life opportunities, provide intentional events and programs to highlight the diversity of nationalities and cultures at Emory, and provide opportunities for all Emory students to connect in a meaningful way. International Student Life is a part of Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions, which is under the Center for the Advancement of Student Advocacy and Agency and Emory Campus Life.

Mission Statement

International Student Life is dedicated to providing resources, programs, and services to serve the diverse, talented, and polycultural international student body at Emory University. We are committed to promoting, supporting, and developing an extensive range of international and intercultural education opportunities that support the global focus of the university.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for Emory to become a place where all students can understand and appreciate the diverse array of cultures represented on our campus. We believe that cross-cultural relationships and understanding builds strong, open-minded students poised to make an impact and promote positive transformation in their personal and professional lives.  We strive to enable international students to thrive academically, socially, culturally, and civically.